7 backpacks with which to carry & store your stuff

Updated Aug 18, 2016

“Everybody’s gotta have a little place for their stuff. That’s all life is about. Trying to find a place for your stuff.”

That was one of the most memorable of many unforgettable routines by the great comedian George Carlin.

Keeping track of your stuff in your truck and on the road is not always easy. This selection of backpacks can help.

Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer $94.50Klein Tools Tradesman Pro Organizer $94.50

SUNVP 40L Tactical Daypack MOLLE Assault Backpack Pack $47.99SUNVP 40L Tactical Daypack MOLLE Assault Backpack Pack $47.99

Black Ember Modular Backpack $355Black Ember Modular Backpack $355

Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Work Pack $85Carhartt Legacy Deluxe Work Pack $85

Cocoon SLIM 17' Tech Backpack $74.99Cocoon SLIM 17" Tech Backpack $74.99

UrbanPro Tech Backpack $79.99UrbanPro Tech Backpack $79.99

Swiss Gear ScanSmart Backpack $64.99Swiss Gear ScanSmart Backpack $64.99