Magellan partners with Samsung on ELD

Updated Aug 31, 2017

Magellan, a provider of GPS navigation products, recently announced its Magellan Hours of Service electronic logging device has been self-certified and registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. It’s now listed on the FMCSA online registry. Magellan’s principle device is built in conjunction with Samsung utilizing its Tab-E tablet, says

Samsung’s Dain McCracken said the Magellan/Samsung partnership offers a way to separate work and play on Samsung’s tablet. Drivers can use the device in both ways, with sophisticated navigation easily toggled to the hours of service software module — and access to online streaming, games and more via the tablet’s consumer-focused features.

For fleets and independents worried about data costs with video streaming and the like on the “play” side of the work-play divide, the device is capable of being partitioned for cellular data service for work functions, operating over wifi for the rest, McCracken said.

Buyers can also bring their own select Samsung devices to run the software associated with the ELD — compatible devices include the Tab E, Note 5, S7 and S8.