New Gear Guide helps you prepare for winter

Updated Oct 29, 2019

Hard as it is to believe, summer’s gone, autumn is here and parts of the U.S. have already had the kind of record-setting snowfalls not usually seen until January.

Gear Guide Cover Q4

But, with fall comes the new Truckers News and Overdrive Truckers’ Gear Guide from the RoadPro Family of Brands. And, because of the change of seasons, this issue is loaded with tips for winter driving and keeping your truck and yourself ready for what’s ahead.

Often, it’s possible to look right past that which is right in front of you. Such is the case with your truck’s windshield wipers. But, they may be as important a piece of safety equipment as there is on your truck. Seeing where you’re going and what may be in your path is essential. A feature in the Truckers’ Gear Guide explores wiper blades, how to choose the right kind for your truck and how to take proper care of them so they can take care of you.

Keeping an eye on the road ahead through that properly cleaned windshield is a driving basic. But, we all can use some help at times. Dashcams can provide that sort of assistance. They also can provide backup if something should go wrong. A story in the Guide explains how a dashcam can save the day for you and looks at some that are available.

Also in the latest edition of the Truckers’ Gear Guide are articles about:

  • holiday cooking on the road
  • winterizing your truck
  • how to survive the holiday season if you’re on the road
  • doing your holiday shopping at travel centers while driving
  • suitable clothing, accessories and safety gear for the truck driver from BlackCanyon Outfitters