4 ways to defend against high diesel prices

Updated May 24, 2022

by Rich Guida, Howes

With the cost of fuel skyrocketing, drivers will be looking to squeeze every ounce of fuel efficiency from their vehicles. As most drivers know, there are steps that can be taken when trying to stretch extra miles out of their diesel and keep more money in their wallets.

A little effort can go a long way, and these are just some of the tips and tricks that can make a real difference when trying to decrease trips to the pump.


Underinflated tires decrease your fuel economy. For every one PSI drop in pressure, your fuel mileage can be reduced by 0.3%. Properly inaflted tires also have a longer lifespan and are safer on the road.


Only idle your truck when absolutely necessary. Just ten seconds of idling wastes more fuel than simply restarting the engine. One hour of idling burns about a gallon of fuel. Turning off your vehicle is one of the easiest ways to save fuel and increase the life of your engine.


Having a balanced load with proper weight displacement can make a dramatic difference. Whenever possible, look to have the weight evenly distributed to ensure the best results.


Another sure way to stretch your MPG is to use a proven diesel fuel additive like our Diesel Defender. With the strength of a horde of Vikings, Defender uses unmatched IDX4 Detergent to ght off deposits and keep them from returning. Clean injectors allow for even spray patterns that prevent unburned fuel from being wasted. In fact, Defender protects your system so well that we guarantee a minimum 5% improvement in fuel economy. That’s a significant saving when tanking up could reach $1.500 or more.

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