Garmin's dēzl 100 and dēzl 200 provide made-for-truckers features

Updated Mar 28, 2024

Staying connected while on the road is more important today than ever before. Having a superior made-for-truckers headset is key to that, and they ought to be wireless so you can operate them hands-free. 

Garmin's dēzl 100 and dēzl 200 are just such Bluetooth devices. They are feature-packed models that are completely similar with one exception: the dēzl 100 has one earcup, while the dēzl 200 gives you the option of adding a second earcup for full stereo sound for when you are off-duty.

The features of the two dēzl headsets include:

  • high-quality, noise-canceling audio capabilities in each earpiece
  • powerful 50 hours of battery life
  • hands-free calling when paired with your smartphone and the dēzl app
  • 2.5-hour full recharge and 15-minute quick charge for 8 hours of talk time
  • comfortable memory foam earcups for extended wear
  • adjustable boom microphone
  • a handy storage hook on which to hang your headset when not in use
  • Bluetooth range of 300 feet

Both the dēzl 100 and dēzl 200 also use Garmin's app to pair with the dēzl OTR navigators. This allows you to get directions through the headset and allows you to control the navigator hands-free.

Both headsets are available online; the dēzl 100 sells for $299.99 and the dēzl 200 has a $399.99 price tag. Both are also available at travel centers, truck stops and big box stores.