Dude Wipes ideal for use on the road

Time for a little frank -- and highly personal -- information: sometimes you need something more than the toilet paper you find in a truck stop restroom.

For whatever the reason, there are those times when you need something that does a more thorough job and, frankly, just feels better.

That's when you need Dude Wipes. These are strong but gentle moist wipes that do a much more thorough job than the kind made for the bottoms of babies.

They measure 5.7" x 7.8" so are big enough for a man-sized bottom. They are moist and come either unscented or with a mint chill fragrance. There are also medicated Dude Wipes that are infused with soothing witch hazel and are 7" x 7".

Regardless of which type of Dude Wipes you choose, all are fushable and septic safe.

A package of 30 individually-wrapped Dude Wipes is available online for $6.16.A package of 48 medicated wipes is available online for $7.30.