Haunted Highways: ‘Heavy presence’ along Highway 191

Updated Oct 11, 2014
HH 1 10 10 2014
And where have you traveled that has given you the shivers?

Well, first of all my name is Martin. I have been driving trucks since 2001. I live in El Paso, TX. and I have seen most of the country from major interstates to backroad highways. By now I am a believer in ghosts and such phenomenon. Believe me, I live across from a cemetery that dates back to the late 1600’s.

Anyhow,  let’s cut to the chase and make a long story short.

Highway 191, you know the one that goes through the Four Corners which is Navajo territory. One particular run I made going up to Salt Lake I had to stop to take a leak and I really didn’t feel comfortable getting off the truck but I didn’t have a container or nothing like that, so I opened the passenger door and I noticed like a flare of light coming from the back of the trailer. I really didn’t want to walk back there, but I had to make sure nothing was on fire or anything of such. It was dead silent.

Then before I got to the back of the trailer, I began to hear what sounded like drums. You know like Indians or something. Then I saw strange lights in the sky, which I have never seen before. I felt a heavy presence. Like someone was watching me from the canyons. Just a scary feeling. This was around midnight. Very spooky and eerie feeling.

Well it didn’t take long for me to run back to my truck and get a-haulin’. I even forgot about taking a leak. That area is definitely roaming with spirits perhaps of Navajo descendants. The Four Corners is very haunted. I have had other experiences with ghosts and stuff but that’s another story.

Drivers be safe out there and BEWARE!

Now tell us about your travels on Haunted Highways, and share your tales of terror here.