Driver kills woman on mountain road. Or not.

alps for HH

Driving the European continent in the late ’80’s, I was crossing the Alps mountain range late one evening in darkness when I hit a lady.

Coming to a stop I grabbed my flashlight and jacket and went looking for the body. After searching the roadway and ditch for a couple of hours and finding nothing, another trucker stopped to check if I needed help. Telling him my story he grabbed a flashlight and searched with me. After 30 minutes he got a little spooked and said he had to leave.

I packed up, marking the spot where I stopped. I then headed to the next town to tell the local police. They took a statement of the accident and my details and said they would send a patrol car up and let me continue my journey.

On returning to my home country (Ireland at the time) a few weeks later, I was still pretty shook from thinking I had killed someone.

A year later, while listening to a local radio station, an international truck driver was recalling the very same story in which he had hit a woman in the road while crossing the Alps late in the evening at the same time of year. True story.

Whoever the woman was, she must have disliked truckers!!!