Radio Garden delivers sounds of the world

Choose a location and listen to local radio with Radio GardenChoose a location and listen to local radio with Radio Garden

Van Morrison’s Enlightenment album contained the song, In the Days before Rock ‘n Roll, the lyrics of which include this passage:

I am down on my knees
At those wireless knobs
Telefunken, Telefunken
And I’m searching for
Luxembourg, Luxembourg,
Athlone, Budapest, AFN,
Hilversum, Helvetia
In the days before rock ‘n’ roll

Technology as improved radio reception is Morrison’s boyhood, and now a website called Radio Garden delivers the world’s radio stations to you smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Radio Garden is as simple as it is fascinating. It opens to a view of Earth from space. Across it are bright green dots, each representing a radio station. Hover over one and you find local radio stations and you can choose which to listen to. Click and it’s on the air for you.

There are practical reasons for using Radio Garden — up to date weather for locations your driving to, for example — but it’s also interesting to hear what’s on CJFX in Antigonish, Canada or Sveriges Radio in Sundsvall, Sweden.

Listen now.