Company drivers earn less than owner-operators in California

Company drivers in California earn less than owner/operators

If you’re a company driver in California you can expect to earn $17,400 less per year than your owner-operator counterparts, according to a new study released recently.

That study found owner-operators in California earned $59,478 compared to company drivers’ $42,078.

Todd Dills, writing at “Overdrive”, explains:

“The report, released by the California Trucking Association and the Southern California-based Inland Empire Economic Partnership nonprofit, uses 2013 owner-operator data and 2014 government data on company drivers.

“The report comes at a time when allegations of the misclassification of independent contractors, particularly in port drayage operations, are on the rise as a result of union organizing efforts. CTA intermodal conference director Alex Cherin declined to comment on any import the study held for union/non-union issues.”

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