ABF Freight driver honored for helping woman, dog in I-294 wreck

Updated Sep 3, 2023
Truck driver

An Indiana truck driver has been recognized for his actions at the scene of an accident.

The Truckload Carriers Association recently named 24-year truck driver John Dunne, from Wheatfield, Indiana, a Highway Angel for stopping to help a woman pinned inside her car after her vehicle crashed. He also was able to rescue the woman’s dog. Dunne drives for ABF Freight out of Fort Smith, Arkansas.

TCA explains:

John DunneJohn DunneOn Aug. 8, around 11 a.m., Dunne was traveling on Interstate 294 in Rosemont, Illinois when he saw a cloud of dust. Unsure of what was happening ahead of him, he began to see papers flying everywhere. As Dunne got closer, he saw a wreck, so he positioned his truck to block traffic and protect the wrecked car. Then, he stopped to help.

“The car was sideways on the road,” the trucker and volunteer firefighter said. “I knew she was pinned in the car—the steering wheel was up against her chest.”

Dunne kept talking to the woman trapped in the car, trying to keep her calm. He even was able to extract her large dog from the car, with a leash, and take the frightened dog out of the vehicle safely.

Once emergency vehicles arrived to help the crash victim, Dunne stayed in place with his truck to protect everyone involved from oncoming traffic. He said it took about a half hour for firefighters to cut her out of the vehicle. Dunne didn’t hesitate to stop to help, even though most just kept driving.

“It’s just how I feel—it’s just what I do,” he said. “You’re in a wreck, I help you.”