FedEx Freight driver wins major company award

FedEx Freight driver Raymond Bradford has been recognized for 25 years of driving with no accidents. (Image Courtesy of FedEx Freight)

Memphis-based FedEx Freight driver Raymond Bradford has won one of the company’s top awards, the Master President’s Safety Award for 25 years of accident free driving.

Bradford said he was humbled by the recognition when he learned he would be receiving the award. It recognizes drivers who have driven 25 years with no accidents, with at least 10 of those years being consecutive.

“Personally, it is just the epitome of a driver’s career to reach this unbelievable milestone,” Bradford said.

Bradford started at FedEx in 1990. He was working as a receiving clerk when he became interested in the way drivers would bend a trailer back to the left or right to pull in the dock, and he decided he wanted to go to trucking school himself and learn how to do that. He’s been a driver development instructor for FedEx for the past 15 years.

FedEx Freight President and Chief Executive Officer Michael Ducker congratulates company driver Raymond Bradford for his award. (Image Courtesy of FedEx Freight)

“Safety is something you do, not just talk about,” Bradford said. “Safety is something you exhibit daily until it becomes a part of your behavior. It’s what you do in your professional life, it’s what you do in your personal life, and it’s what you teach your children.”

John Smith, senior vice president of operations for FedEx, said the company was proud of Bradford.

“He demonstrates the professionalism and commitment to safety that we like to see, and his leadership as a Driver Development Instructor makes him a very valuable asset for FedEx Freight,” Smith said.