Love’s to pay employees to get COVID vaccination

Updated Jan 30, 2021
Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops will pay its employees $75 to voluntarily receive the COVID-19 vaccination,

Today’s announcement covers all employees from the entire Love’s Family of Companies, which also includes Love’s Truck Care and Speedco centers, alternative fuel provider Trillium, its commodity trading company Musket, the Gemini trucking fleet, its hotels and more, according to a statement from the company.

In doing so, Love’s becomes the first nationwide travel stop network to offer employees an incentive to receive the vaccine, which comes in the form of an additional $75 in pay.

“A big element of our culture is taking care of our team members so we’re always thinking of new ways to do that,” said Love’s President Shane Wharton. “As an essential business, our employees have worked tirelessly to keep America moving, and the vaccine, along with following safety protocols, offers the best protection from COVID-19. The incentive is another way of encouraging our employees to stay safe during the pandemic.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government recognized truck stops as essential businesses in the fight against the virus.

Love’s joins several other major businesses to reward employees to get the vaccination.

Dollar General is giving our hours pay after getting vaccinated while Instacart said it would provide its independent contractors a $25 stipend to get vaccinated. Trader Joe’s said employees will get two hours pay per dose to get vaccinated, and supermarket chain Aldi will give workers two hours pay per dose for vaccinations, and it also implemented on-site vaccination clinics at its warehouse and office locations. Upstate New York-basewd Greek yogurt company Chobani will give workers up to six hours (three hours per dose) to get vaccinated.

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