New York asks drivers where in the state truck parking is most needed

Updated Dec 19, 2023
'Truck & Trailer Parking Only' in yellow on pavement

Where in New York state is truck parking needed?

That's the question the New York State Department of Transportation is seeking to answer with a new survey of truck drivers.

NYDOT said it is developing a state freight plan to guide policy and investment decisions that can effectively address freight needs and enhance economic competitiveness, safety, efficiency, infrastructure condition, equity, and environmental sustainability.

The plan will include a Truck Parking Assessment, providing an updated truck parking inventory, a truck parking needs review and an analysis of truck parking conditions. NYDOT said truckers' input can help it identify challenges, needs, and opportunities related to truck parking across the state.

NYDOT said the survey takes less than 10 minutes to complete.

If you have any questions or additional comments about the survey, truckers can contact Rahil Saeedi at [email protected] or NYSDOT at [email protected]

Take the NYDOT Truck Parking Survey.