Hirschbach Motor Lines, John Christner Trucking combined as one

Hirschbach tractor-trailer
Hirschbach Motor Lines

Hirschbach Motor Lines, Inc. today announced the full integration of John Christner Trucking, LLC.

Following the acquisition of John Christner Trucking in April of 2022, the companies have been running under separate operations, logistics, and brand identities, according to a statement from the company. Now, the company said it has cemented the full integration of operations with joint branding, uniting the two companies as Hirschbach. Logistics and third-party capacity offerings will now operate under the name Hirschbach Solutions.

“Today marks an important milestone," said Hirschbach Motor Lines Chairman and owner Brad Pinchuk,."The merger of these two great companies has resulted in increased productivity, visibility to capacity and freight, resulting in tremendous pride in the collective teams. Consolidating to one forward-facing image was important for the sake of clarity and brand recognition in the marketplace.”

President and CEO, Richard Stocking said the consolidation will result in increased flexibility and capacity to provide services customers have come to expect, including access to a larger, combined trailer pool. Stocking said equipment re-branding will take place in tandem with the company’s equipment trade cycles over the next several years.