FedEx Freight driver grand champion of Tennessee driving competition

Updated May 15, 2024
Fred Thayer Grand Champion: Hobie Eirich, FedEx Freight, Inc.
Fred Thayer Grand Champion Hobie Eirich, FedEx Freight, Inc.
Tennessee Trucking Association

Driver of the Year: Jay Williams – TCWDriver of the Year: Jay Williams – TCWTennessee Trucking AssociationA FedEx Freight driver was the grand champion and a trucker for TCW was named driver of the year during the Tennessee Trucking Association's 2024 Truck Driving Championships. The event was held May 3 and 4 at the FedEx Freight Nashville facility in Antioch, Tennessee.

The results from the event include:

Fred Thayer Grand Champion: Hobie Eirich, FedEx Freight, Inc.

Driver of the Year: Jay Williams – TCW

Inspector Challenge 2024: Winner: Trooper Dallas Lange; Runner Up: Trooper Nathan Hall

Pre-Trip Inspection: Samuel Bryant – FedEx Freight, Inc.

Rookie of the Year: Lonnie Cole, Walmart Transportation

Team Trophy: FedEx Freight, Inc.

Step Van: 1st: Jason Flowers – FedEx Ground 2nd: Scott Lambert – FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd: Ethan Thennes – FedEx Ground

Straight Truck: 1st: Steven Magers – FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd: Calvin Douglas – FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd: Kerry Young – Walmart Transportation

Three-Axle Van: 1st: Gary Luster – FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd: Danny Ewell – Walmart Transportation 3rd: Mike Hixon – Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc.

Four-Axle Van: 1st: Hobie Eirich – FedEx Freight, Inc .2nd: Derek Snoderly – FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd: Brian Turner – Old Dominion Freight Lines

Five-Axle Van: 1st: Timothy Blair – Fed Ex Freight, Inc. 2nd: Jeff Coffey – Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc. 3rd: Ed Hauhn – The Martin-Brower Company

Tank: 1st: Lonnie Cole – Walmart Transportation, LLC. 2nd: Covey Thompson – The Martin Brower Company 3rd: Phil Shelton – Walmart Transportation LLC

Flatbed: 1st: Ray Shelton – FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd: Jamie Sowder – FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd: Brandon Knight – Huff and Puff Trucking Inc.

Twin-Trailers: 1st: Ronny Hamill – FedEx Freight, Inc. 2nd: Michael Young – FedEx Freight, Inc. 3rd: Michael Patterson – FedEx Freight, Inc.

Sleeper: 1st: Dean Hiles – Walmart Transportation Inc. 2nd: Jeff Barton – Fed Ex Freight, Inc. 3rd: Thomas Vandivort – The Martin-Brower Company

Winners in each class qualify to compete in the national competition Aug. 21-24 in Indianapolis.