TCA awards $168,000 in scholarships; first time for 2-year college students

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The Truckload Carriers Association recently named its 2024-25 TCA Scholarship Fund recipients who collectively will be receiving a total of $168,000.

 Since 1973, the Fund has been providing scholarships to students associated with the trucking industry. Each scholarship recipient must be a student in good standing attending a four-year or two-year college or university and must be associated with a TCA member company.

 "TCA Scholarship Fund program is one of the best initiatives included in a TCA membership that helps to pay forward the honor of being a part of the truckload industry," said  Scholarship Fund Chairman Joey Hogan of Covenant. "We were proud to be able to increase the dollar awards by 25% even in a time of economic difficulty which exemplifies the priority of this program by the association. The Fund is excited to award scholarships to students at two-year colleges for the first time this year and we are very excited to continue to grow the program."

Endowed named scholarships to four-year university recipients Include:

  •  Jay Freeman, Werner Enterprises, Inc., NAIT Scholarship – $6,250
  •  Joe Smith III, Bar S Logistics, Inc., John Kaburick Scholarship – $4,500
  •  Isabella Yust, CFI, Kai Norris Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Kaur Kamaljit, Bison Transport, Darrel Clark Wilson III Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Joshua Short, Cargo Transporters, Inc., Thomas Welby Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Kalee O’Brien, Paschall Truck Lines, Inc., Stoney Reese Stubbs Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Kaden Buatte, Prime Inc., Robert Low Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Speranza Albensi, Bison Transportation, Robert D. Penner Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Ceira Lynch, Bison Transport, Thomas R. Schilli Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Gitali Jain, NFI Interactive Logistics, Thomas R. Schilli Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Morgan Munyan, NFI Interactive Logistics, Keith Tuttle Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Jack Rodgers, Don Hummer Trucking Corp, Tom Kretsinger, Jr. Scholarship – $3,250
  •  Maxwell Marten, Marten Transport, Ltd., Bill Giroux Scholarship - $3,250
  •  Alexandra Wayne. Brown Trucking Co., Bill Giroux Scholarship - $3,250
  •  Michael Henretty Jr., Werner Enterprises, Inc., Bill Giroux Scholarship - $3,250

Four-year university scholarship recipients of $2,725 were:

  • Martina Tolhurst β€” Bison Transport
  • Trace Harrington β€” Prime Inc.
  • Samuel Amanual β€” Kriska Holdings
  • Madeline Falknor β€” Fremont Contract Carriers, Inc.
  • Ava Loch β€” Garner Trucking, Inc.
  • Asa Weil β€” Epes Transport System, LLC
  • Logan Dudley β€” Knight-Swift Transportation
  • Jake Gross β€” Northern Logistics
  • Tanner Mihm β€” Werner Enterprises, Inc.
  • Tyler Waszak β€” Werner Enterprises, Inc.
  • Hayden Twining β€” Garner Trucking, Inc.
  • Gurjaan Rai β€” Bison Transport
  • Jennifer Miranda β€” Tucker Freight Lines
  • Jessica Bell β€” Roadmaster Drivers School Inc.
  • Jordan Evans β€” TVC Pro-Driver
  • Amy Pitzel β€” Bison Transport
  • Katie Pulliam β€” Greater Omaha Express, LLC
  • Theresa Stephens β€” McLeod Software
  • Connor Gates β€” Prime Inc.
  • Zamariya Fullwood β€” NFI Interactive Logistics
  • Olivia Thompson β€” Cheema Freightlines, LLC
  • Jorkaeff Nogales β€” Bennett Motor Express, LLC
  • Kevin White β€” Prime Inc.
  • Grace Rittenour β€” Thomas E. Keller Trucking, Inc.
  • Caleb Moore β€” J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Cameron Emmer β€” J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc.
  • Molly Nugent β€” PS Logistics
  • Kristi Kottke β€” Kottke Trucking Inc.
  • Nicholas Farrell β€” Load One, LLC
  • Gianna Terrarosa β€” GES
  • Danielle Sanchez β€” Prime Inc.
  • Annika Waltenberg β€” Bison Transport
  • Chase Norris β€” NFI Interactive Logistics
  • Anagha Menon β€” NFI Interactive Logistics
  • Dylan Regan β€” Werner Enterprises, Inc.
  • Nathaniel Linkous β€” W&B Service Company
  • Dylan Spivy β€” Wilson Logistics ($1,295 awarded)

 Two-year college scholarship recipients of $2,000 included:

  •  Kinley Porter β€” Maverick USA, Inc.
  • Carson Kunze β€” Grand Island Express, Inc.
  • Robert Tolhurst β€” Bison Transport
  • Ashlynn Lindsay β€” Load One, LLC
  • Katherine Berry β€” Hogan Transports, Inc.
  • Carson Holzwarth β€” Roehl Transport Inc.
  • Lucas Brooks β€” Givens Transportation Inc.
  • Alanna Severson β€” Marten Transport, Ltd.

The application process was managed by the Ohio Foundation of Independent Colleges. A selection committee, established by OFIC, scored the applicants, taking into considering the applicant’s GPA, major, extracurricular activities, hours worked, and more.

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