WIT honors woman owner of trucking company

Aldijana Miljkovic,
Aldijana Miljkovic,

Aldijana Miljkovic, owner of Lina Express, Inc., a trucking company located in the Chicago area is the Women In Trucking Association's Member of the Month for January.

Miljkovic started her career working as a receptionist with no experience or knowledge in the trucking industry. Moving up the corporate ladder, she became a recruiter, dispatcher, accounting manager, then an operations manager. Through this process, she realized her love for the industry.

She bought her first truck as a side job and became an owner-operator. She hired her first team drivers as she continued working as an operations manager. After five years, her side business grew to eight trucks and a team of drivers. 

“My boss wasn't happy with my side growth and constantly reminded me, ‘it's a man's world.’ At the same time, I was managing his 75 trucks and my eight trucks with no problem,” she said.  

After eight years working for the same company, she obtained her own authority and went on her own. Her company specializes in power only LTL in 48 states.

Miljkovic has now been in the trucking industry for nearly a decade. Her goal is to empower other women and make sure they know that they can do anything.