See Blue Mule’s big scene from ‘White Line Fever’

Blue Mule from “White Line Fever”Blue Mule from “White Line Fever”

For some fans of great trucking movies, 1975’s White Line Fever starring Jan-Michael Vincent as Carrol Jo Hummer, might not rise to the same level as Smokey & The Bandit or Convoy. Still it has all the bits and pieces to make it a classic of the genre:

  • a heroic leading man as brash as he is handsome with a sweet love interest (Kay Lenz as Jerri)
  • great trucks
  • a supportive band of helpful fellow truckers
  • chase scenes
  • trouble with the law
  • numerous behaviors the FMCSA certainly would frown on today
  • a dramatic climax

Starring with Vincent was a 1974 (some say ’73) Ford WT9000 COE lovingly dubbed the “Blue Mule”, which is said to have been powered by a NTC 400 hp Cummins with a 10-speed.

Here is Vincent’s and the “Blue Mule’s” big scene when he extracts his revenge on the corrupt Glass House company that has exploited drivers. Buckle up, it’s a bumpy ride as Carrol Jo smashes the company’s giant “GH” sign.