Fitness expert creates exercise app for truck drivers

October 26, 2015
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Truck drivers are always on the go. Now, their fitness plan can travel with them.

Trucking fitness expert Siphiwe Baleka launched the Active Trucker fitness program recently after having had success using a similar program in his role as the driver health and fitness coach at Prime over the last three years. Drivers across the country were looking at the program at Prime and asking what they could learn from it, and Baleka said he saw a need for a fitness app for truckers.

trucker fitness app

New fitness app is aimed at truck drivers (All images courtesy of Siphiwe Baleka)

“The only thing that was needed was a specific exercise program that was designed for truck drivers that actually showed truck drivers doing these exercises right there outside their truck,” Baleka said. “I thought it would help drivers get into the habit of exercising for 15 minutes everyday and take them from walking all the way through building an exercise program where they can get really great weight loss results.”

The Active Trucker workout program is divided into two units: Active Trucker Phase 1 and Active Trucker Phase 2. Each of the workouts are 15 minutes or less. 


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“Phase 1 is for you’re just getting started and you establish your baseline,” Baleka said. “The exercises that are chosen for Phase 1 are not as complex. They don’t require advanced movements or high levels of balance.”

Phase 1 begins with walking and builds from there, introducing users to 10 basic exercises that hit most of the major muscle groups. The workout structure in Phase 2 is more complex and builds off the 10 exercises from the first phase.

“Each week you’re working a little bit harder with some sort of intensified version of the basic exercises,” Baleka said. 


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He designed the app to be user friendly and to simplify everything so that all users have to do is hit play. Baleka wanted to remove the stress of worrying about preparing for a workout, getting equipment and changing clothes. The goal was to make it maximally convenient.

Drivers can add each other, their family and friends on the app and post when they’ve completed a workout. That post will be viewable by the people the driver has added, and they’ll be able to leave congratulations or words of encouragement.

Baleka said digital technology is key to the health of truckers. 


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“I feel that utilizing digital health technology – most drivers have a smartphone now – is a very important and effective way of any driver health initiative,” Baleka said.

The phases are an extension of health app developer Skimble’s Workout Trainer program, available in the Android app store and the Apple app store. Active Trucker Phase 1 and Active Trucker Phase 2 are $29.99 each.

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