New mount keeps your smartphone handy

X Gravity smartphone holder

Keeping track of your smartphone in your cab just got easier.

The Gravity X uses — as the name suggests — gravity to keep your smartphone or tablet at hand in your vehicle.

As the makers say:

“You simply need to insert the smart phone into the opening and as you release the phone, it will rotate by using the weight of the phone to grip the screen using a silicone pad with tiny micro suction cups. A simple concept that delivers amazing functionality when docking your phone …”

There are two ways to mount it to your dash:

  1. Use any small gap in dash along with a corner with a specially formulated non damaging 3M foam tape
  2. Or mount it on any flat surface of the dash if corner is unavailable with the same 3M tape. Now that’s what you call a smart approach to dock your smartphones in the car.

Price: $15