Fruit infuser helps you get daily dose of H2O

Fruit Infuse Water Bottle

Show of hands: Who drinks all the water they should during a day of driving?

One. Two. Three … Obviously, not many of us, and for good reasons. It’s not convenient, it means you have to make extra pit stops and, let’s face it, even good water can be a bit bland.

Enter the Fruit Infused Water Bottle by Aqua Monkey. This 32 oz. container has a slick insert you fill with a fruit you like — lemons, limes, watermelon, strawberries — and you quickly have what would cost you $5 at any grocery or convenience store.

Fill it with water and fruit as part of your pre-trip and you will be raising your hand the next time we count all those you get their fill of water.

Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee. The maker says, “If for any reason, you’re not ‘Absolutely thrilled’ with your water bottle with fruit infuser, just let us know and we’ll give you a full no-hassle refund!”

Price: $10.95 online.