LED head lamp for when you need hands-free light

Updated Aug 15, 2016
Vitchelo V800 Plus LED head lamp

How many times have people told you, “Use your head!”

This is especially true when it comes to those times you need both hands — maybe to make a roadside truck repair or fix a strap on a load — but also need light. Instead of fumbling with a regular flashlight, use the Vitchelo V800 Plus LED head lamp.

It straps around your head so you have light on the spot you need it most: Where you’re looking.

The V800 adjusts to a wide beam or a narrower, focused one. It also has several rightness settings.

It’s can be powered by both regular ad rechargeable batteries, and has a convenient low battery indicator. Takes 3 AAA batteries for up to 120 hours of lighting.

Order online for $27.99.