Howes Meaner Power Kleaner cleans, protects injectors

Updated Oct 26, 2016

Howes Meaner Power Kleaner is a diesel injector cleaner that is effective in all diesel and biodiesel blends.

Today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) makes treating a truck‘s fuel in warm weather equally as important as treating in the winter.

Using a new concentrated detergent package, Meaner Power Kleaner removes existing injector deposits and helps prevent future build-ups. It inhibits premature wear by replacing the vital lubricity lacking in ULSD and needed for smooth running injectors.

By eliminating water, Meaner Power Kleaner also helps prevent microbial growth and reduces the need for biocides. The maker says this results in more power, improved fuel economy and peak engine performance in both older and new High Pressure Common Rail systems.

Meaner Power Kleaner is also warranty safe because it is 100 percent petroleum based and contains no alcohols or solvents.

Howes Meaner Power Kleaner is available in both bottled and bulk formulas.