Bearcat980 CB loaded with truck friendly features

Updated Oct 26, 2016
Bearcat 980 SSBBearcat 980 SSB

Uniden’s Bearcat 980 SSB CB radio has several features designed to make it a true asset in any truck’s cab.

What sets it apart are several additions that are normally seen in much bigger and more expensive models. Most notable are a new noise-cancelling microphone to clear out highway and other background noise, seven choices of backlighting, large display panel and a feature that allows instant switching to emergency channel 9.

Pro401 HHPro401 HH

This radio got a four and half stars rating from Amazon shoppers, and 85 percent gave it four or five stars.

Other features of the Bearcat 980 SSB include:

  • 40 channel AM operation
  • Dynamic squelch control
  • Four-position mic gain control
  • Extra long mic cord
  • Instant channel 9/19
  • CB/PA switch
  • Large digital S/RF/SWR meter
  • Seven color display options
  • Variable talk back
  • Day/Night dimmer switch
  • Radio diagnostics

Uniden also offers the Pro401 HH, a professional level handheld CB with 40 channels. It has four watts of power, rechargeable batteries, auto noise cancel and high/low power selection. Accessories include belt clip and strap, flexible antenna and DC adapter.

Both are available at travel plazas and online.