Cooking items can make in-cab meals easier

Sometimes, the difference between making a hearty, healthy, satisfying meal and just having something to eat can often be your ability to work well and easily in the kitchen. That goes double for cooking in your truck.

Lekue vegetable steamerLekue vegetable steamer

There is a line of cookware that helps you cook well using your truck’s microwave as your appliance of choice.

It’s called Lekue and it offers several specialized cooking vessels that are lightyears beyond a paper plate covered in plastic wrap. They are not necessarily cheap, but they do appear to do the job, allowing you to do yours.

For example Lekue makes a container in which to cook up to six slices of bacon in the microwave in less that five minutes and do it well. Here are the details:

  • Raised inside grooves for keeping bacon out of excess grease and fat while cooking
  • The lid prevents grease spatter inside the microwave
  • Draining spout lets you easily pour off the excess fat
  • Comfortable handles make it easy to lift and move
  • Dishwasher-friendly and BPA free

It’s $20 online.

Another good example of helpful specialized tools is Lekue’s microwave steaming case. It can be used in a microwave or a conventional oven when you’re at home and is enclosed, keeping splatter under control. It’s $40 online but it removes one more excuse to keep you from getting your daily allotment of vegetables.

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