Swiss Army knife now has better grip for its many tools

Swiss Army EvoGrip 16Swiss Army EvoGrip 16

The original iconic Swiss army knife is capable doing a lot of tasks, but with one drawback: It could be slippery to hold onto.

Now, ergonomic curves on the Victorinox EvoGrip 16 give a user’s fingers a better grip, improving leverage and preventing slippage. The curves are fitted with texturized rubber inlays so you can hold onto your knife even if it gets wet.

The EvoGrip 16’s toolset includes a sturdy 3D Philips screwdriver along with nine other tools. It includes a 2.5″ blade, nail file, serrated-edge scissors, can opener, large and small screwdriver, cap lifter, reamer and tweezers.

It comes with a lifetime warranty against defects.

Costs $38.95 online.