iKlips DUO+ is storage you can carry easily

Updated Dec 21, 2016

iklips-duo-drive-1Music and photos can quickly soak up the free space on your iOS device. But, the iKlips DUO+ Dual Interface Flash Drive lets you carry up to 128GB data on your keyring.

Just plug it in and you can view, backup, and manage your photos, music, videos and other data at high speed. Made for Apple devices, but compatible with PC as well, the iKlips DUO+ lets you:

  • Move data between your Apple and PC devices
  • Transfer at up to 25 MB/s on Lightning devices & up to 130 MB/s on USB devices
  • Clip it on to your keychain or bag and have access to your data wherever you go
  • Plug into your device through any case

The free iKlips 3.0 app lets you activate a variety of features like direct photo backup and social media integration

Order online for $69.99.