Now you can keep your Duct Tape handy

Updated Jan 14, 2017
RediTape: Duct Tape in a convenient sizeRediTape: Duct Tape in a convenient size

Essential as it is to today’s truck driver, Duct Tape can be a bit hard to manage. The large roll is hefty and can be a bit of a pain to store, even in the roomiest of cabs.

But, now there’s RediTape Pocket Size Duct Tape, which provides 15 feet of the universal mending material wrapped in a flat, pocket-size pack. This makes it easy to store and even easier to handle.

RediTape Pocket Size Duct Tape fits easily in your toolbox, glove box, tackle box, backpack, pocket, and just about anyplace else you can imagine.

The two-pack of RediTape Pocket Size Duct Tape comes in a variety of colors and combinations.

Order online for $5.99.