Tray keeps your wrenches organized

Updated Jan 17, 2017
Tool Sorter organizes your wrenchesTool Sorter organizes your wrenches

When you need a half inch box end wrench, you don’t want to sort through all of the others in the tool box to find it.

The Tool Sorter (the newest version of the Sortatool) can do that for you. It has 28 slots for wrenches from 7mm – 1/4″ (length up to 6.5”) to 19mm – 3/4″ (length up to 9.5”).

The Tool Sorter tray measures 13.5″ x 10″ x 1.5″ and is made of sturdy ABS plastic. It’s the ideal size for most large tool boxes.

Order online for $13.50

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