Simple solution to staying organized

Updated Feb 22, 2017

One of the downsides to living a digitally-connect life on the road is that you have to carry numerous small items with you. That list is long and growing as we rely on our devices for more and more.

12″ x 8″ Grid-It organizer12″ x 8″ Grid-It organizer

Keeping all those items safe, secure and organized so you know where they are when you need them is no small feat, especially if you don’t have loads of storage space on your truck.

Cocoon makes a variety of products to help with that. At the heart of them is its Grid-It accessory organizer.

At its simplest, the Grid-It is a flat rectangle with a series of interlaced elastic bands. All you do is lift a band — and they are arranged to provide numerous sizes — slip an item under it and let the elastic do the rest.

Grid-It is ideal for storing earbuds, chargers, reading glasses, small notebooks, pens and pencils, receipts, and any of the many cords associated with your devices.

The basic 12″ x 8″ Grid-It is $19.99, and can be purchased online from the company.

Cocoon also makes wraps that incorporate a sleeve for a tablet or laptop with the Grid-It and a variety of bags and backpacks if you need even more space in which to get your life together. They even make one to fit on the sun visor of your truck.

See how it works: