Slow cooker an essential for truck’s kitchen

Few things are as welcome at the end of the day as a comforting, hot meal, especially one that is waiting for you in your truck when your time on the road is done.

RoadPro 12-volt, 1.5-quarter slow cookerRoadPro 12-volt, 1.5-quarter slow cooker

The key to that little bit of home on the road is a slow cooker, a go-to appliance you can fill in the morning or during a break and have cook as you drive. A recent survey by the folks at RoadPro say more than 25 percent of drivers have a slow cooker in their trucks.

RoadPro offers as 12-volt, 1.5-quart slow cooker fills the bill. Its stretch cord plugs into your truck’s cigarette lighter socket; the 96 watt unit draws eight amps.

The sturdy crock removes for easy cleaning and is covered in a glass lid.

Fortunately, there are more than a few sources for recipes created for slow cookers. Even the queen of all things domestic, Martha Stewart has some slow cooker recipes. Do does the, Southern Living, and even Food & Wine.

The RoadPro slow cooker sells for about $30 depending where you buy it; available at most travel stops and online.