Frying pan helps ensure hot meals on the road

Updated Mar 23, 2017

There’s no need to sacrifice one of the true comforts of home while on the road: A hot meal.

RoadPro’s 12-Volt Portable Frying PanRoadPro’s 12-Volt Portable Frying Pan

RoadPro’s 12-Volt Portable Frying Pan can help ensure you have hot meals whenever you want them, without having to go to a restaurant. It’s the essential appliance for frying a burger or two for lunch or dinner or making a hearty breakfast, bacon and eggs for example.

Features include:

  • plugs into a 12-volt power port in your truck cab
  • 4-foot-long cord
  • fused plug
  • draws 13 amps/ 150 watts
  • weighs just 12 ounces

Available at travel centers and online.