One device carries many tools

Huckberry Compact EDC Kit costs $60Huckberry Compact EDC Kit costs $60

EDC is a terribly trendy acronym these days.

It means “Every Day Carry” and refers to all those things you want/need to carry with you every day as you go about your life. These’s even a website dedicated to it.

The Huckberry Compact EDC Kit is a handy little multi-tool meant to put as many of your “must have” items as possible into one gadget. It comes with:

  • 1.9-inch blade
  • three drivers (one Phillips and two flat)
  • four wrenches
  • scoring tool
  • pry tool
  • bottle opener

The aluminum body can be taken apart if you want to customize it with other compatible tools or add your keys to it.

It has a 550 nylon paracord tied on one end.

Available online for $60.