Sewing machine in a bottle can make quick fix

Rip RepairGetting things repaired while on the road is not always easy. This is true for your truck and/or trailer, but maybe more so for that pair of jeans you’re wearing.

While strategically ripped jeans are, for some, a fashion statement, they may just be unsightly and a little too breezy for others.

Because your travel gear might not include a handheld sewing machine “as seen on TV!” or even a needle and thread, it’s not be a bad idea to tuck a bottle of Bish’s Original Tear Mender in the glove compartment.

Made of natural, non-toxic latex, this thick liquid — think of it as fabric glue — can fix most rips pretty quickly and easily. It may be a rip in your jeans, a tear in your leather jacket or even a hole in the seat of your truck.

A 2 oz. bottle is $6.17 on Amazon; on up to 32 oz. for $18.10 for those really big rips.