Glasses aid in night driving

Don’t call ‘em “sunglasses.”

Night-Lite Driving Glasses from Eagle Eyes are meant to be worn when you drive at night. According to the company, they:

  • Filter out high-intensity light from oncoming vehicles

    Classic aviator style night glasses from Eagle Eyes: $59.95Classic aviator style night glasses from Eagle Eyes: $59.95

  • Enhance visual clarity and acuity
  • Reduce glare so you see more clearly
  • Improve contrast to help improve your ability to distinguish objects
  • Have a coating to protect against scratches
  • Night-Lite glasses come in eight different styles or combinations. You can get them in the popular classic aviator style, the contemporary blade style worn by many athletes, and even clip-ons for those who wear regular glasses. They also have a kit with four different types of lenses so you can adjust to various light conditions.

    Night-Lite glasses range from $44.95 to $109.95 for the four-in-one system.

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