Garmin’s GPS units add new features ideal for truck drivers

Updated Aug 25, 2018

The latest entries in Garmin’s growing line of truck-centric navigation devices do more than just refine and improve on earlier models, they actually bring new features and capabilities to make driving easier and safer.

New on the dēzl 780 LMT-S and dēzl Cam 785 LMT-S are:

  • Bigger and brighter 7-inch screens with powered magnetic mounts
  • Driver assist features including forward collision and lane departure warnings (on dēzl Cam 785 LMT-S only)
  • Connectivity with Garmin’s eLog ELD
  • Ability to connect to Garmin’s BC 35 wireless backup camera

But, those are just the icing on these considerable “cakes”.

The dēzl 780 LMT-S and dēzl Cam 785 LMT-S both are loaded with the kind of features professional truckers are coming to depend upon. As living within allowed hours of service becomes more important than ever, the guts of these two devices prove their value.

Both include:

  • Live traffic and weather reports to help you avoid situations that cause hours to evaporate as you sit in highway congestion
  • Live services to help you find locations with available parking
  • Custom routing specific to your truck’s specifications
  • Routing to help you plan your trip, including breaks
  • Access to TripAdvisor, which rates hotels, restaurants, and other services and attractions
  • An option to link to your smartphone to receive text messages from dispatchers (this allows dispatch to track your truck from start to finish)
  • Built-in wifi to allow software and map updates
  • Notifications of timely breaks, including locations of rest areas, truck stops, and scales
  • Service history log
  • Bluetooth enabled hands-free operations, including making calls

The difference between the two is that the dēzl Cam 785 LMT-S has the dash cam and the dēzl 780 LMT-S doesn’t. The dēzl Cam 785 LMT-S costs about $100 more than the cameraless dēzl 780 LMT-S.

Both are available at travel centers technology stores and online.