American-made trucker’s wallet

Updated Jul 30, 2018

There is, for some odd reason, a flood of small wallets available these days. They have room for a few credit/debit/loyalty cards and a few folded bills. Most are meant to be carried in a front, not hip, pocket.

While a chiropractor friend of ours suggests not carrying our wallet in our hip pocket as a way to avoid back problems, we do think the mini-wallet trend is a bit too, shall we say, precious. We think there’s a reason or two many truckers still favor the classic trucker’s wallet.

Although the price tag is a bit steep, the folks at Filson make a trucker’s wallet that will serve your needs for as long as you are in the driver’s seat and years beyond.

Seattle-based Filson is one of those legendary all-American brands that have always made high-quality gear. Best known among outdoors enthusiasts, fly fishermen, and loggers, Filson made a name for itself with its heavy-duty “tin cloth” jackets and other outerwear.

It now offers a classic trucker’s wallet with a chain that is made of top quality leather, is weatherproof and measures 7 ⅜” x 5”; it’s almost a mini-briefcase.

It costs $195 online but is a wallet for the long haul.