Additives keep you going in winter

Updated Jan 24, 2019
Additives can keep you on the road during winter.Additives can keep you on the road during winter.

This time of year presents some special problems for the professional driver who depends on their truck to start and run reliably regardless of the weather. And, even if you normally run lanes through the sunny South, there are times when temperatures even there can play havoc with your truck’s engine.

That’s why it makes sense to have chemistry on your side in the form of some additives that will keep you running when temperatures topple. Winter fuel additives can prevent your fuel from gelling or clouding so you stay on the road and not in the shop. These include:

Howes Diesel Treat Anti-Gel can keep your diesel from gelling as it removes water from your fuel. It can increase power and mileage as it cleans and lubricates injectors. The company says Diesel Treat lowers the cold filter plugging point of your base fuel on an average of 20 degrees.

FPPF’s Polar Power contains fuel power and water dispersant. It lowers the cold filter plug point and provides lubricity for ultra-low-sulfur fuel. Contains no alcohol.

Power Service’s Diesel 911 de-ices frozen fuel-filters, reliquefies gelled fuel, removes water from the fuel system, extends the life of fuel-filters, fuel-injection pumps, and fuel injectors, according to the company. It also de-ices frozen fuel-filters and prevents fuel-filter icing.

All are available at most travel stops.