LG Tone Platinum wireless headset delivers all day

Updated Jan 24, 2019
LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth headsetLG Tone Platinum Bluetooth headset

Some wireless headsets provide excellent sound.

Some are comfortable and a true joy to wear during a long day of driving.

Some look good.

The LG Tone Platinum Bluetooth headset does all of those things and more.

With a multi-layer speaker unit tuned by the acoustic masters at Harman Kardon, the LG Tone Platinum delivers unrivaled sound.

But it doesn’t stop there. With dual MEMS microphones, the Tone Platinum delivers your voice clearly and without distortion. That means messages — incoming and outgoing — are heard and heard well, reducing the chance of someone misunderstanding someone else.

Besides, it looks good. It has a low profile and sits comfortably around your neck.

The Tone Platinum features:

  • Bluetooth version 5
  • 14 hours of talk time
  • 18 days on standby
  • Two-hour recharging time
  • Retractable earbuds

These features combine to deliver a wireless headset a professional driver can put on when starting their day and not worry about it until the end of the drive.

Available at most travel centers.