Fuel container features SmartControl

Updated Apr 30, 2019

The last thing you need when adding fuel to a vehicle, lawnmower, outboard motor or an ATV is to have more of the fuel ON it rather than IN it.   

The 5-gallon Scepter SmartControl fuel container helps you accomplish that with a simple, self-venting spout and the ability to control the flow of fuel, be it gasoline, diesel or kerosene. And, it lets you do it safely with its flame-mitigation device.

Made with durable high-density polyethylene, Scepter’s SmartControl containers are rugged and meet EPA and CARB regulations.

The Scepter SmartControl fuel container also has a squeeze controlled flow rate, which makes filling tanks cleaner, safer, and easier. It’s designed to make refueling quick while reducing the possibility of a spill.

Each container has a tethered dust cap.

Available online, at travel centers and big box hardware stores.