RoadPro delivers two devices for Qi charging

Updated Jun 27, 2019
RoadKing Heavy-Duty Universal Qi ChargerRoadKing Heavy-Duty Universal Qi Charger

RoadKing, which is part of the RoadPro Family of brands, today introduces two new wireless charging devices that fit with truck drivers’ on-the-go lives.

The all-new Qi-charging mount is perfect for Qi-enabled (pronounced chee) smartphones and provides a solid metal construction with adjustable arms to securely hold your phone in place. It mounts to your truck’s dash, window or air vent.

RoadKing’s new heavy-duty universal mobile Qi-charging pad features a non-slip rubberized coating and cradles your phone to keep it secure while charging. Both options provide Fast Charge10W meaning quick and convenient charging at your fingertips.

“RoadKing continues to provide the ultimate in product innovation for the trucking community,” said Chuck White, vice president of Brands and Marketing, “These new Qi-charging options are perfect for safe and secure charging while on-the-go.”

These new accessories will be available at travel centers throughout the U.S. and Canada this month.