Call this the Transformer Tool; shovel has 18 uses

Updated Jun 16, 2019
EST Shovel is $59 in Indiegogo campaignEST Shovel is $59 in Indiegogo campaign

Face it, there is never enough room in or on your truck for all the tools you may need in the course of your driving day. Especially if there’s an emergency.

That’s why the EST Shovel can be an important addition to your truck’s tool kit. Not only does it perform numerous tasks, it breaks down easily for compact storage.

The shovel has a carbon steel spade and aluminum handle. It features a serrated edge and a foam grip. It also has 17 other tools, including:

  • axe
  • knife
  • spear
  • bottle opener
  • fire starter
  • wire-cutter
  • trowel
  • hexagon wrenches
  • nail puller
  • pick
  • ruler
  • hook
  • waterproof storage
  • screwdriver
  • whistle
  • compass
  • rope cutter

About all that’s missing is a charger for your smartphone and a good coffee mug.

It’s available for $59 in this Indigogo campaign.