Skullcandy delivers new wireless earbuds

Updated Sep 26, 2019

Let’s start with what Skullcandy’s Indy new earbuds don’t have: 

  1. Wires. They connect to your smartphone or other devices via Bluetooth so there are no unsafe tangles of wires when you drive.
  2. Physical buttons. You simply tap skull on the earbuds themselves to perform various functions like increase or decrease volume, change tracks, answer calls, or activate your device’s voice assistant.
  3. Discomfort. Skullcandy’s Indy earbuds may deliver heavyweight sound performance but are featherweight to wear. 
  4. Distortion. One of the prized features of the Indy is the fit. They have a noise-isolating design and silicone tips that seal your ears and reduce outside noise.
  5. A huge price tag. Skullcandy’s Indy is one of the less expensive entries in this field. Coupled with its high-level performance the Indy’s price (under $80 online) makes it a real value.  

Now, here’s what the Indy has:

  • 16 hours of battery life
  •  IP55 protection against sweat, water, and dust, meaning it’s ideal for the driver who has to be out in the elements and not just in their truck’s cab
  • Quick and easy Bluetooth pairing with your devices
  • Pocket-sized portable charging case with a USB micro charging cable. (Just put the earbuds in the case to recharge up to 12 more hours when not using them.) 
  • Three different sizes of ear gels and a separate, removable stability gel to ensure a proper fit

Skullcandy’s newest entry in the audio field is available at travel centers and online.