Diesel Defender provides numerous benefits

It’s a trucking industry truism: take care of your truck and it will take care of you.

That means performing regular, proper, preventative maintenance and paying attention to the needs of your engine. A multipurpose fuel additive can help you do just that.

Howes Diesel Defender gives you an advantage to keep your truck running, and running well, running cleaner, and saving you money when you pull into the fuel island.

Howes Diesel Defender — which contains no alcohol or solvents — improves power, performance, and mileage in several ways. It does all that while making your truck run cleaner. It contains IDX4 detergent that:

  • Cleans injectors
  • Reduces emissions
  • Eliminates harmful deposits
  • Prevents coking
  • Delivers more complete fuel combustion

But, that’s just one of the advantages Howes Diesel Defender delivers. It also removes water. By demulsifying water, it helps eliminate harmful microbial growth.

This powerful additive also provides two and a half more times lubricity, making it ideal for heavy-duty vehicles.

Finally, and importantly, because you need to stay profitable, Howes guarantees Diesel Defender will improve your fuel economy by 5 percent. 

Howes Diesel Defender is warranty safe and good for diesel and biodiesel.

Available at travel centers and other locations.