LG HBS-835 Tone ticks all the boxes

A good, solid, affordable wireless headset that lets you hear and be heard properly is not something just nice to have when you’re a professional trucker on the road most of the day every day. It’s an essential tool.

It must:

  • Deliver excellent sound and wipe out the background noise of your truck
  • Be lightweight and comfortable to wear for hours at a time
LG HBS-835 Tone Bluetooth headsetLG HBS-835 Tone Bluetooth headset

The LG HBS-835 Tone Bluetooth headset does those things, and much more.

With a multi-layer speaker unit by JBL, the LG Tone delivers high-quality sound.

But it doesn’t stop there. With dual MEMS microphones, the Tone HBS-835 delivers your voice clearly and without distortion.

That means messages — incoming and outgoing — are heard and heard well, reducing the chance of someone misunderstanding someone else.

Besides, it looks good. It has a low profile and sits comfortably around your neck.

The Tone Platinum features:

  • 14 hours of talk time
  • 18 days on standby
  • Two-hour recharging time 
  • Retractable earbuds
  • Vibrates to alert you to incoming calls
  • Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Pairs quickly with your other devices
  • Uses Google  Assistant
  • 1-year warranty

These features combine to deliver a wireless headset a professional driver can put on when starting their day and not worry about it until the end of the drive.

It comes with a charger and is available at most travel centers and online.