BlueParrott’s B550-XT allows total hands-free communications

Updated Jan 22, 2020

Hardly a day passes that a police organization somewhere doesn’t announce an enforcement effort aimed at distracted drivers, especially those using a smartphone or similar device. Fortunately, one company is responding by making more and more totally hands-free headsets, including models that use your voice to operate.

BlueParrott created the B550-XT, saying it is “the world’s first 100 percent voice-controlled over-the-head headset to be IP54 rated.” The Bluetooth headset provides access to Google Assistant and Siri for all controls.

BlueParrott’s B550-XTBlueParrott’s B550-XT

BlueParrott’s B550-XT features Voice Control Pro, to control calls, access voice assistants, and control apps, music and GPS directions. All a driver has to say is “Hello BlueParrott,” to make use of these and other features on the B550-XT.

It also boasts 24 hours of talk time, 500 hours of standby and 96 percent cancellation of background noise. It also lets you wander up to 300 feet from Class 1 paired Bluetooth devices. Its customizable Parrott Button provides one-touch access to favorite features.

BlueParrott also says it is the most comfortable over-the-head headset that the company has ever designed. It has more padding in the headband and the ear cushion is over 10 percent larger. That means drivers can wear the headset all the time they are driving without discomfort.

The B550-XT sells for $199.99 in select travel centers.

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