Lifeline defends against latest winter storms

Updated Feb 8, 2020

400 Lifeline 5d239ce00dd11With a series of severe winter storms overspreading much of the northern half of the country, it makes sense to protect yourself and your truck from the ravages of falling temperatures, freezing rain, and snow. Howe’s Diesel Lifeline can help.   

Diesel Lifeline acts quickly to re-liquefy gelled fuel and de-ice frozen fuel filters, the sorts of things that leave truckers stranded in places they don’t want to be. It contains no alcohol or solvents that can harm your truck’s engine and fuel system. Unlike some products, Diesel Lifeline requires no mixing or fuel filter change. Plus — and this is a big plus — it works to -35°F and below.

Aside from getting you back on the road, Lifeline keeps you there. Howe’s has formulated it to prevent fuel filter icing as you drive. And, it gets you on the road quickly, working in about 15 minutes in most cases, according to the company.

Diesel Lifeline is available in 32 and 63-ounce containers at most travel centers.

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