Duke Cannon delivers shaving ease and comfort

Updated Apr 20, 2020

Superior Grade Shave 6oz 001 2048xDespite the over-proliferation of male facial hair in the last 10 years, many truckers still prefer the feeling of a close, clean shave. And, even their brothers of the brush often require a bit of tidying up.

For all of them, the Duke Cannon Supply Company offers several different shaving gels and a suitable aftershave balm.

Duke Cannon Superior Grade Shaving Cream contains:

  • Aloe Vera for relief
  • Shea butter for hydration
  • Macadamia nut oil for the closest possible shave
  • Calendula extract for recovery
  • Light bergamot and black pepper scent

Comes in 6 oz. ($9) and 3 oz. ($6) tubes.

Duke Cannon also delivers one of the great joys of male grooming: the hot shave. 

Formerly the province of dedicated barbers using hot towels, now you can enjoy warm shave cream whenever you stop to shave.

Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave is a clear shaving gel with a warming sensation that helps deliver the closest possible shave. All you do is apply a small amount with warm water and wait 20-30 seconds before shaving to activate the heat. This, according to the company, opens the pores, softens and lubricates the skin for a precise, comfortable shave.

Duke Cannon’s Hot Shave includes:

  • lubricating pre-shave oil
  • warming shave gel
  • Aloe Vera for protection

It comes in 4.5 oz. ($12) and 3 oz. ($8) tubes.

The folks at Duke Cannon also offer Fresh Aloe Premium Shave Gel. It has shea butter for hydration, green team to soothe your skin and aloe vera for relief.

An 8 oz. container is $9.

No matter which Duke Cannon shave gel you use, it makes sense to follow with a splash of its After-Shave Balm.

Made with menthol, it also contains aloe, shea butter, and allantoin to provide hydration while minimizing razor burn irritation, and a light sandalwood fragrance.

Contains no alcohol, parabens or sulfates.

A 6 oz. bottle costs $15 and a 2 oz. travel size is $8.