Protect against identity theft on the road

Life on the road is rife with problems — some big, some small.

One you can defend against is the growing problem of identity theft. Often this is thought to be a cyber-concern of passwords being stolen or social media accounts hacked or credit card information skimmed at a fuel pump.

But, sometimes it’s as simple as a discarded piece of paper with important information on it: your name, address, phone, work details, trip data. At home or at an office you could drop that in a shredder and that would reduce the threat. Few, if any truckers have a shredder in their sleeper berth.

PLUS America offers a simple solution. It’s called the identity protection roller. It uses specially-formulated ink and encrypted pattern to obscure personal information on almost any surface. All you do is roll it over the information you want to be obscured.

PLUS America also sells ink refills and a stamp version of the identity protection roller.

Order online for $15.95.